Top Influencer Marketing Companies (2021)

Influencer marketing itself is growing rapidly, with a predicted $370 million spend by 2027. That is largely, but not exclusively, due to brands relying on the established trust between the influencer and their audience to sell their products. Individuals are no longer interested and are tacitly aware of the traditional forms of advertising – so, instead, influencer marketing provides a native approach that is more engaging when it is executed correctly.  Now, as a branch of the digital marketing field, Influencer marketing consists of Influencer Marketing Agencies (teams of marketers), Influencer Marketing Platforms (web-based software) and combinations of these two. In this section we cover both.

Now, “So what is influencer marketing?” you may ask.

According to Wikipedia, influencer marketing is defined as:

“A form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.”

Influence marketing is one of the latest forms of marketing. It facilitates specific brands to sell their products and services via their endorsement by social media platforms users with extremely big followship, established reputation and trust with their audience. In a sense, it presents an iteration of a movie or music celebrity endorsement of products that took off back in the 40s and 50s of the last century but on a much bigger scale. Speaking of scale, thanks to the enormous popularity of social media platforms it’s based on, Instagram Influencer marketing, YouTube Influencer marketing, and TikTok Influencer marketing are the most prominent kinds that exist today.

Influencer marketing campaigns are typically run on a global basis, with agencies’ focus firmly on verticals such as fashion and beauty, travel and lifestyle, celebrity and entertainment, sports, gaming, health and fitness, parenting, and business and tech and more.

With today’s extreme proliferation of social media, we see that among hundreds of millions of users some get to be extremely popular, so popular that they can influence other people’s decisions on what to try, purchase or subscribe to. At the same time, these days people don’t engage with brand ads as they used to or simply block it with AdBlock alike plugins in their browsers. So brands needed another way to reach out to their potential clients and so the Influencer Marketing platforms emerged as the answer to tackle this problem.

Featured Influencer Marketing Companies

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The other reason for Influencer marketing to emerge was Gen Z, teenagers are notoriously hard to be reached out to and engaged via any other, more traditional, marketing channel. This generation tends to make a buying decision based on what people they trust have to say about it and these people are called social media celebrities or Influencers.

Most often a payment model influencer marketing campaigns are based on is the CPM one, it implies paying a certain amount for every 1,000 views of an ad. How much money do influencers actually make depends on multiple factors, including but not limited to – a particular social media platform, an influencer follower size, her / his engagement rate, her / his audience demographic. Some companies take money deposits from brands to pay influencers only once the job is done, hence securing this way brands investment.

Influencer marketing campaigns are typically run on a global basis, with agencies’ focus firmly on verticals such as fashion and beauty, travel and lifestyle, celebrity and entertainment, sports, gaming, health and fitness, parenting, and business and tech and more.

Influencer Marketing Companies

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Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer Marketing Platforms offer a direct way for brands to connect and work with influencers that are listed on a particular platform. Essentially these platforms help influencers to monetize their social media channels and brands to reach out to their potential customers or increase engagement with their current ones.

Connecting social media influencers with brands

Here is how the system works for both sides. Every influencer listed on a platform gets a profile that provides contact information about her/him and their social media accounts statistics. Every brand, that comes on a platform to look for a particular influencer(s) to work with, can, using a number of filters, search an influencer platform database, and find influencers with the right audience to advertise a specific product or service to. Once a brand begins to work with an influencer(s), an influencer marketing platform starts to supply statistics to measure an impact from promotions done by an influencer(s). Influencers get a financial reward (some platforms offer gifts instead of money) for every promotion they run for a brand.

Typically, influencer marketing platforms focus on the following functions:

  • Search and Discovery – to provide a built-in search mechanism to find influencers. Search can be performed based on criteria that characterize either influencer and her / his audience. Types of search include – by platform, by follower count, by influencer demographic info, by influencer audience demographic info.

  • Contact & contract management – to provide contact information for each influencer, it allows brands to communicate with influencers directly, negotiate payment and hire them for a specific campaign. Also, this function covers handling of various regulatory compliance matters.

  • Campaign content management – to manage ad text and graphic creatives, hashtags, @mentions, campaign duration, deadlines, giveaway/sweepstake details and other ad campaign features for multiple brands and influencers.

  • Promotion and amplification of an influencer ad content – to reinforce an impact generated with an influencer content for a brand via paid advertising on social media.

  • Influencers compensation – to handle a payment process to multiple influencers, it includes payments escrowing, tax compliance, transactions via PayPal / other electronic payment systems.

  • Analytics & Reporting – to analyze an impact that an influencer ad campaign creates for a brand’s product. Reports may consist of the following information – publication confirmation, views, reach, engagements, ROI calculations, real-time analytics, URL tracking.

The crucial role that an influencer marketing platform plays for a brand is that it helps it to understand who are the people who follow a particular influencer and what impact that influencer creates for its product. A paramount value that such a platform brings to the table for an influencer is that it provides her/him the way to get in touch with multiple brands, endorse their products and get paid.

Some influencer marketing platforms also offer a service layer where they help source influencers, manage campaigns and develop creatives.  Whereas others focus more on providing pure self-service, platform or tool.

There are influencer marketing platforms that focus on a particular platform (Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube) however, the majority operate across a number of different social channels. Similarly, some influencer marketplaces are known for sourcing influencers in particular areas of the market or verticals whereas others have a wider positioning.

Top Influencer Marketing Platforms and Agencies

Influencer marketing agencies

Influencer marketing is far from easy, however, as multiple brands now compete with one another in the same space. Bespoke campaigns that are heavily monitored and adapted – while in the process – are often successful. That’s where influencer marketing agencies come into the picture: they specialize in a range of content platforms, delivering campaigns across Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

An Influencer marketing agency allows brands to work with any influencer, no matter the reach, social media platform they are on, their size or affiliations. These agencies have a wealth of experience when it comes to vetting and selecting influencers and they often use data to see which influencers best fit with a specific brand. Essentially their job is to match brands advertising needs with influencers’ expertise in promotion via an agency marketing expert assessment and not a software algorithm match. Once this match is delivered, an influencer marketing agency’s goal is to make sure that a marketing campaign will go smoothly and efficiently and to provide a comprehensive report upon such campaign completion.

Influencer marketing agencies provide a variety of services and their basic functions are:

  • Identifying the influencers/content creators for a brand

  • Negotiating the rates with influencers on behalf of a brand

  • Offering a strategy for a brand’s campaign that will maximize engagement and audience reach

  • Approving influencers posts with brands before their publication

  • Running ad campaigns & capturing vital KPI in the process

  • Providing post-campaign analytics for brands

Now, once we’ve covered both Influencer marketing agencies and platforms, we’re ready to present you the top Influencer marketing companies for 2021. For each profile in the listing we provide a short company description, number of employees, year founded, annual revenue estimate, as well as social following and the website traffic.

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Top Influencer Marketing Companies (2021)


Top Influencer Marketing Companies (2021)

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